Peace Be With You (but not in a religious way, sorry)

I've been doing Yoga now for a few weeks. It's been great. I feel happier, and more alive. How is it that Yoga so remarkably achieves this?! It's quite fantastic. Now I get it, the soccer Yoga Moms. My God, I'm one on them. What's happening?! Well, I'm in it now. Over my head. This. Is. Happening. While I'm discriminating, let's not forget there are also Yoga Dads too. Bless their hearts, we're all wonderful.

I've focused on strength Yoga. That's just my gig, I like strength and I like keeping it interesting. I also like feats of muscle strength (alike being the first among all my gal-pals to do full, unassisted chin up and pull ups. That kind of stuff just rocks my world). I haven't experienced extreme muscle soreness (like with the weight lifting), yet I have noticed my muscle tone (definition) improving. I should note that I've started magnesium supplements, and those are probably helping a great amount with my DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). I've also gone down a size. While I don't weigh myself, or focus on the mirror too long - which is absolutely an exercise in futility, but more on that another day - I just know that my clothes are fitting a bit loose. Well, my pregnancy pants haha. I actually can not wear them any more! Yay! 

Yoga, as we know it in North America, is derived from the 8 Limbs. What I'm practising at the moment is Asana, meaning poses. But Yoga is actually a heck of a lot more than mere poses. The 8 Limbs of Yoga delves much deeper, and this is only a part of it. It takes much dedication, practice, and natural strength of spirit to become a master of the 8 Limbs. This is the basis for my blog name. The 8 Limbs of Yoga -> Out on a Limb -> Owl on a Limb. (I like owls and they like me. So I utilized a little play on words. Your trivia for today!).

Yoga sessions are called 'practices'. That's weird, but whatever. I guess it helps differentiate it from a typical, average work out. And not all practices are workouts either. But the stretching ... oh the stretching. You haven't lived until you've stretched every inch of your body.

Today's Focus Pose: Corpse Pose / Savasana

I think this name is humorous. But then again, so is downward dog. Ah well. This pose is quite literally like it sounds. Lay flat on the ground, like the dead. This is a very important pose. At the end of your practice, it's important to relax. This is the true essence of yoga. The 'peace'. This is where you zone out after a good practice, and let all your cares float away. If at least for 5 minutes. It's alike the cooling down phase of vigorous exercise.Except you close your eyes, act like a dead weight, and feel comprehensive peace.

Yoga for Thought
"When you find peace within yourself, you become the kind of person who can live at peace with others." ~ Peace Pilgrim

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