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So ... hello there! How are ya?

2016 ... what a year. Am I right?! It was a terrible, awful year for some. Not for me though. I had a great year. 2016, the year of the monkey, saw the birth of my beautiful baby girl, and one heck of a change in me. My daughter and I also happen to be monkeys. So, it was a good year for us, if only us alone 😉. This post may be a little long, I apologize in advance, but it's the first one. They may not all be so detailed.

So this change happened ... how do I describe it? I went from being a disorganized, chronically absent-minded, thriving on chaos, A type personality; To a calm, organized, B type personality obsessed with clarity and order. I also started to love myself as I am. Really love myself, not just force it. I went from being obsessed with my physical appearance, to wanting to just be me and to not live according to other people's rules. Now, pregnancy does do this to a person- it certainly changes you. This is my second child, and each pregnancy has changed me immensely. Always for the better. But the strangest part .... 

YOGA! I tried Yoga. Now this may not seem that strange. I used to be a body builder. I had to stop while pregnant, due to forces beyond my control (namely this little human alien taking over my body and causing me much physical stress. Bed rest was in order). I was NOT the Yoga type. I laughed at yogi's. What was the soccer Mom is now the 'Yoga Mom'. No thanks. I like strength, I liked to push my body to extremes, and I like to run hard. Yoga was not for me. But I can't explain it, not at all. I started changing my life. I reorganized my house, I got rid of so much useless stuff in my house (of which I could never part with before). I cleaned up my house, I cleaned up my act ... it's been amazing. I tried getting back into weight lifting, but I don't have energy to keep up with it as truly required (and that hurts my motivation to keep at it) and I also was suffering from it. Great pain in my muscular and skeletal system. I can't say why, but I'm assuming it's that this little gal is sucking up my much needed nutrients. It's ok, she needs them more.  But I'm not the type who can just rest on my laurels. I did need something. I still run, but running was causing me to hurt also. And, well, it's so hard to get out some days when you've got a newborn. I am honestly lucky if I've gotten out 3 times a week for a run. Most weeks it's twice, many times it's been once. Oye! It's ok, I haven't been interested in beating myself up about these things any more. But I needed something ...

Then, I went to a Yoga class. Something in me was definitively altered and I wanted to try it.

And .... I liked it. I liked it a LOT. I'm surprised. What I discovered was not a bunch of sitting around 'oommmming', rather it was this calming, yet tough routine. (Or rather, what is called a 'practice'). It made me feel like heaven, invigorated and revived. The feeling I had during that introductory yoga class, was unlike anything else. It was empowering. And I wanted more! I had no idea this was what yoga was. It's not just stretching, and some weird ass poses. And there's no chanting. LOL, not that I thought there was 😁. It's so much more. 

Thus, I decided to start a blog, chronicling my adventures in yoga! And maybe, I can cause some anti-yogi's out there to give it a shot. Because, you *probably* won't regret it. It doesn't have to be your only routine or exercise, it can add to everything else you do. But it also can be your only exercise. I'm going to tell you all about it in the coming posts. And, I even bought a mat. This is fo' real friends. I'm doing yoga, and I love it.  ❤

And I'm going to take you on that journey with me. I still have much to learn. It's been a few weeks now. I'm reading a lot on it, and I'm doing a practice every other day. My primary goal is strength, but I get so much more out of it than that. Stayed tuned hey?


Ok, maybe not. I'm not ready to start 'namasteying' just yet ... Maybe I'll get there? Or maybe I'll always think it's silly. But yoga is not silly, like I used to think it.

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