Yoga is So Easily Accessible and For Everyone!

I took an intro class for my very first yoga practice. It's crucial to your yoga practice to do this, to have a certified instructor guide you through the poses and breathing. The entire premise of yoga is breathing and understanding the mechanisms of each pose. That's where the benefit lies. I can't stress enough how critical it is to first have that understanding from an expert.

However, it's not cheap. Each class is $12-20 (depending on how many classes you purchase, the more you buy the less you pay per class. The most expensive is drop-in). A gym membership will run you anywhere from $30 to $60 a month. Yoga is $90 to $150! Wow! Quite the difference. That's for one person. For a whole family, that's just too much 😕 That's also not including child care if you need it. Thankfully, currently I can work around my husbands schedule, so he can watch little itty bitty. Though it means we can't do a practice it together.

However, it's genius to be able to do it at home while my little one is just beside me playing. Or I can do it when she's sleeping, but that doesn't usually happen. When she sleeps I usually take time for my own R & R. As relaxing as Yoga is, it doesn't beat just chillin on the couch with a book and tea hehe.

It's unfortunate it's so much of a cost, but I assume it's genuinely due to lower numbers compared to a gym. Oh if only more people did Yoga! Haha ... well I guess they need to get past the stigma like I did. That's why I'm here with this blog though 👍

Ok, moving on ... !

YouTube! What a great resource it's been! I'm doing Yoga at home using YouTube. There are a great many practitioners out there, who have Yoga practices on their channels. You can find whatever you're looking for! I like the strength aspect, so I always search 'Yoga Strength'. The video's number in the thousands. I haven't even scratched the surface. You do have to watch the video (while practising is probably a good idea 😉 ) to know if you like the sequence or the practitioner's guidance, but it's worth it. I started with shorter practices, that way if I didn't feel I got enough of a benefit from one, I would do another one. This way I've learned many poses already. I don't find a lot of them play music, so I also search 'yoga music' on my alternate device and play music via that. Sometimes they've asked for a donation, and I certainly don't see any issue with that. Beats paying $150 a month if you can't afford that. They're doing a wonderful service, providing Yoga classes to everyone! (If you find that they're a good teacher and benefiting you).

Right now I'm hooked on 'Yoga with Tim'. He's really fantastic. He explains each pose in vivid  detail, yet he's not boring. He gives a good visual to help you understand where your limbs should be. His voice is calming. He really helps you learn. He has long and short vids, and all sorts. He really has everything. I don't want to necessarily recommend one guru over another, because I haven't even touched on so many, but I have to recommend him. He's truly a wonderful teacher.

Then there's subscription sites. There are quite a few sites that offer a yearly subscription for a variety of Yoga practices. Similiar to YouTube, you would watch this via the device you use to connect online. These range at about $100 annually. Not too bad. Also, even better, I discovered a bunch of Groupons for these sites at a discount of about 75%! I haven't tried these yet, but it's a great idea I think.

Not only does Groupon have coupons for those, but there are discounted coupons for Yoga studios as well! That's another avenue to pursue.

There are ways to save money, you just have to try. Know that the universe is providing for you! 

There you have it! Anyone can do Yoga for any price! If you can afford a studio, that's clearly the best option (unless you genuinely suffer from social anxiety). You meet like-minded people, you register so you have to be there (you can't just forgo it, if that's a concern for you then this is a viable option to get you doing it), and you have your teacher right there with you, guiding you. However, it's so easy to do it in the comfort of your own home! There's no pressure, it's so simple, you don't have to dress in fancy Yoga wear, and no one is around to hear if you pass some gas (which you will!).  😁 Both have their benefit. If you do suffer from social anxieties, you need to know that Yoga is about non-judgement and acceptance. It's intended to be a wholly inviting atmosphere. If you feel judged or uncomfortable, they're doing it wrong, find yourself another studio pronto! And as with anything, remember, everyone had to start somewhere.

There are a few new studios where I live, and I'm thinking of trying those out. I shall update on my progress when I do. Until then ... peace my friends.  💕

Today's Focus Pose: Childs Pose / Balasana

Alike the name implies, we're resting/feeling like a child. Legs down and bent or folded over each other, with our chest laid atop them, head down, arms stretched out in front, hands resting on the floor. This is a resting post. A retreating pose. It's a good post to go to if the practice gets a bit tough, or you just need a little release. We can also start in this pose. This will stretch the back, neck, and arms. And legs if you're a little tight there.

Today's Yoga For Thought

I actually took this from Martin Luther King Jr (I was reading up on him, what an incredible person he was!). So it's not Yoga per-say, but it still fits. 

"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant."


  1. I love that yoga is so accessible now with YouTube! I still usually need someone to be there to kick my ass into gear, but having good instructors at the touch of a button is fantastic!