Are you experiencing lower back pain from your practice?

I stumbled upon a great Yoga article in regards to back pain (linked below). It piqued my interest because I have been having lower back pain for a month or so now. I had assumed it was due to my new practice, combined with carrying around my daughter, who has gotten heavier. Anything new to your body is bound to cause stress. Not always a bad thing, as it can be the body adjusting. While it really may be just that, this article highlights the implications of twisty poses that do more harm than good, when not done properly. And I, for one, am taking heed.

Not every person is susceptible to this, but it's good knowledge to arm yourself with regardless. (You are susceptible if you do not have a strong core). Your back is NOT something to be trifled with. If you've ever had back pain, specifically the spinal area, it is probably some of the most excruciating pain to live with. Protect your back at all costs! It may not hurt you in the now, but if you don't, it very well might when you're older. Thankfully, to date, I have a strong core and back (although I've been exercising and weight lifting for a long time to achieve this). However, I've experienced some heavy duty back pain with both my pregnancies, and let me tell you, it's really rough. It's very frustrating, and the pain is wholly depressing. It is not something that you can live with happily. We take for granted now, when we're healthy, young and strong, how easy it is to move, sit, stand .. etc. You lose all that when your back hurts. It's really an alienating, depressing, sad existence. I don't want to live like that in my older years, I want my back as healthy as possible.

The article, Yoga Anatomy: Prevent Low Back Pain in Twists, is from, a resource that I've been recently fancying for all things Yoga! Enjoy! For the immense benefit of your future self, please be kind to your back!

Today's Yoga Pose: Big Toe Pose / Padangusthasana 
This is a nice, relieving stretch for your lower back. Almost identical to Forward Fold or Forward Standing Bend (Uttanasana), however you're holding your big toe instead of hanging your arms loose. Legs straight and close together, feet planted into your mat, bent at the hips with your head down towards the floor, facing behind you. Keep your core and hips engaged (sit bones high), but otherwise this is a relaxed pose. Grip your big toes firmly with your thumb and index finger, and press your toes down. Inhale to release slightly, and exhale to go deeper (ONLY as comfortable).

Today's Yoga for Thought
"As I began to love myself, I freed myself from anything that was no good for my health - food, people, things, situations, and anything the drew me down and away from myself. At first I called this attitude 'healthy egoism'. Today I know it is 'love of oneself'". ~ Charlie Chaplin

Peace, friends 💙

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