Yoga is such a curious thing! I finished my aerial practice today, and I feel so lovely. Just, happy. And I want more! Yoga, that is. I could get up right now and have another practice! How is it that Yoga is so wonderful like that? Today was a bit of a rough day (little itty bitty did not want to sleep last night!). I hoped that a Yoga sesh tonight would wake me up spiritually, and ground me down intellectually. Before we started, the teacher asked us to think on what we wanted to get out of our practice today. I thought of 'relaxation'. Well, a workout, always a workout haha, and relaxation. To come down nicely from a stressful day. To step out of that stress and into peace. And here I am, a couple hours later, and I feel so wonderful! Just plain ol' happy. In immense love with my baby girl, playing with my pups, and finally relaxing with tea, a book, and a nicely scented candle. Does it get any better?! I don't know, or I do 'know' but I just find it so incredible, how Yoga achieves this amazing feat, of making you feel so utterly gooooood. All your parts good. Soul and body in sync. Like all is right with the world. And I'm so happy to be where I am in it. And how blessed I am to have all this wonder around me to cherish. Transcendental.

Oh and what a lovely teacher! After class I ended up speaking with her for a bit. She gave me some profound insight on my children, and on the pain I've been experiencing from exercise. She really took interest in me, that was nice. Like I've said already, you meet some really splendid people in this business called Yoga, it's so worth it to get out there and do it! Don't be afraid!

Today I learned that it's called a 'practice' because it is never complete. You are always learning in Yoga. Well, butter my butt and call me a biscuit! That's alright then. 😍

Yoga For Thought 
“It is not arrogant or egotistical to feel good inside. You had nothing to do with it. It’s simply the honest response to clearly perceived Reality.”  ~ Erich Schiffman

Today's Focus  Pose
Upward Facing Dog - 'Up-Dog'. Lay face down on your mat (this often times will come after chatarunga). Bring your palms to the mat beside you, pushing down into the mat, fingers spread. This is your foundation. Then lift your chest up and out until your arms are straight, at your sides. Rounding out your chest with your chin lifted, a nice good stretch in your chest and abdominals. If able, lift your thighs and knees off the floor, with your feet facing down and your weight resting on them and the lower half of your shins.

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