No Excuses ... Well, Almost Kinda Maybe No Excuses!

It has been some time between posts. I've been sleep training Jasapeno, and let me tell you ,this girl is stubborn. I've alternated between losing my effing mind, and a somewhat state of normalcy. Yet, I've managed to get to my mat most days! I'm rather impressed. And every practice has rejuvenated me. When it came to the strenuous workouts that I did previously, I wouldn't be able to hit the gym on bad days like this. Not a chance! You need stamina, ,motivation, and a positive attitude. With Yoga, you don't need those. You just need to drag your tired, grumpy arse to your mat, go through the motions for the first few minutes, until it starts feeling really good. And you start getting into it. Before you know it, your practice is over and you feel so much better. Like a weight lifted off your shoulders.

This is me, sitting at my mat, preparing for my practice. Hehe.

This is also me these days. 😜

Aaah ... good times. Indeed.

I'm certainly not knocking weight lifting or any other form of exercise. Everyone has what works for them. What's important, is that you DO IT. I don't care what you do, even simple walking. It's all important, it all matters, but it's all null and void it you aren't out there doing it! What I am particularly noting here, is that Yoga brings so many benefits to the table that most people aren't even aware. I sure wasn't, before I ever started Yoga. I was a certified gym snob. If I couldn't add weights to the exercise, I didn't care. If I couldn't push myself to my V02 max, I didn't care. I stuck my nose way up in the air when I passed by any fitness group class. Yoga especially.

It's nothing short of remarkable how I'm here at my mat today doing Yoga, and just what Yoga has done for me! Ok, well, I can't attribute it all to Yoga. Having my daughter is what first and foremost changed my life. Something shifted when I became pregnant with her. I did a 180. Life as I knew it, was about to take on a whole new direction. And its been incredible. They say pregnancy changes you, and well, I guess they're right aren't they?! Any ways, it's nice that Yoga is so easy and do-able. No matter what frame of mind you're in, you can do it. All you have to do, is get your bum on your mat and begin. Easier than so many other things in life, that's for sure. (Like, sleep training. Blech). But, as always, listen to your body. If you can't even get to your mat (we've all had those days!) then just put your legs up instead, watch a movie, or read a good book! Wine is also recommended ...

Todays Yoga Tip
'Pull your head out of your ears'. This is such a great tip. I'll often hear teachers advising this. And for good reason. It's very important for your neck and back. For proper alignment, it's important to keep your shoulders back and down, and keep your neck elongated. But this is such a fabulous visual to depict just how to properly hold your pose. I love it. Keep your shoulders out of your ears, ok?

Yoga For Thought: 'As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world, as in being able to remake ourselves' - Mahatma Gandhi

So, no excuses! Git er' dun! 😆

Peace and love friends 💛

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