Hey, I'm Still Alive Over Here. Healing From Pain.

It has been tough to get in a blog post these past few weeks. Heck, this blog post alone took me a few days! I have a month now before I'm back to work. I'm attempting to prepare my daughter, and my life, for the changes ahead. This girl likes what she likes, and she doesn't take to change easily. She's a Taurus (haha if you buy into that or not, whatevs 😁) and she is STUBBORN. So, on top of trying to get her eat more solid food, take a sippy cup (or ANY cup), get to bed early, sleep through the night, etc etc; she has also been teething. And lemme tell ya, the bottom teeth got NOTHIN on the top teeth. Oh Lordy. My poor girl, when she teethes, she suffers. And these top teeth have been something else entirely. Needless to say, the blog has fallen by the wayside.

Side note: When the 'experts' tell you that babies don't get fevers and all that jazz from teething, I am here to tell you very simply, they are not the experts on the matter. Maybe not all babes do, but my poor little gal basically gets ALL the crap thrown at her. It's like she has the flu, with diarrhea, pain, and a fever around 40. I really feel for her. And for me too 😉

Here is my daughter watching me as I type out this post. 😃 That look, as she chews her playpen. 'Whatcha doin Mommy? And when are ya gonna play with me huh?' Oh babies. They're so precious and so small for such a short amount of time.

Then, on top of this, we've had this super crap weather! UGH! It's been. killin. me. I just want the sunshine. It's been raining and snowing, for weeks. I've been borderline lethargic. Combine that with the lack of sleep (this girl don't sleep when she's teething, and she wants to breastfeed every hour!), and my motivation and energy have just tanked. We finally got some sunshine last week, and I hit the trails. Went out and threw the frisbee around with my son and dogs, and went for heavenly long walks. Normally I can run. And running is have started seeing a Chiropractor. I've got the tight runners hips, combined with sacroiliac joint dysfunction from pregnancy, and basically my PSOA's are effed. Thankfully, after 5 weeks of treatment, I'm starting to see the light. Hallelujah! I should be back in full operating order soon!

Through this all, I've still been able to do the Yoga. Thank goodness. Or I'd be a dang mental case. Running keeps me sane. And Yoga keeps me balanced. Yoga is first and foremost for the mind. (To be specific, the spiritual mind, the soul, the essence of your being). Which then trickles down to the body. I like strength Yoga, which is immediately beneficial to my muscular system, but I have to remind myself regularly that I need to focus on the meditative power of Yoga, not just the balancing and toning. However, another saving grace is that I'm allowed to swim. The front crawl, no breast stroke. Widening the legs and thus opening the hips is actually not a good option for healing them! Unlike Yoga would have you believe.

We need to remember that Yoga is a spiritual practice, which has since evolved into a physical practice. (Don't even get me started on the trendy, impractical new applications of Yoga, aka 'Cardio Yoga'. What?! NO! Oooooh that's definitely a post for another day). It's important to be aware that not all poses are healing poses for every person. If you're in pain, that is NOT OK. I'm not innocent of this. I was doing aerial Yoga, and this neat 'Dragon Dance' Yoga. It was killing my back. But I was ignorant to it. It can't be the Yoga, right?! Yoga can't hurt you! WRONG. Both of these practices were not healthy for me, and were actually contributing to and exasperating my back dysfunction!

When experiencing any kind of pain, it's imperative to consult an expert. A Yoga teacher is not an expert. Unless they have a clinical degree in the various sciences of the body. It's incredible  how a tiny imbalance in one part of the body can lead to a full fledged disorder in another. And that will throw your whole wild world of wonder straight into a funk of epic proportions. Due to that little imbalance, I couldn't hold my baby for long periods of time (if at all), pain would wake me out of a dead sleep, I could barely get out of bed without burning and aching, I wouldn't be able to bend or move without my back shutting me down. My Yoga practices were hurting my back, and my knees were hurting after my runs (I think I correctly attributed this as a branch off of the disorder with my PSOA's). When I started with my Chiropractic treatment, my wonderful lady boss Chiropractor had me avoiding reverse back bends and any twisting. As well as applying regular stretching and building exercises to actually, scientifically strengthen my PSOA's. I'm soooo happy to say now that it's finally making a huge difference. I was a little discouraged after a few weeks when I wasn't feeling results. But now I am.

So don't just accept pain. Don't just learn to live with it. And most certainly, don't keep doing what you're doing if the pain isn't going away! For me, I was afraid of the Chiropractor. Why do we hear so many horror stories about Chiro's?! I was near my breaking point before I FINALLY consulted one. (Though, I felt a bit safer going with one highly recommended by a trusted friend). And I'm back baby, and I'm bad! But a good bad. Hehe.  

So ... how has your Yoga practice been going?

These are the cards I pulled for myself, relating to going back to work and how I'm going to manage. These are an Angel Tarot set from Doreen Virtue. 

Yoga for Thought 
'The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about' - Wayne Dyer

Peace Friends 🖤 

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