Change ... Embrace It, Always.

Oh how does one maintain a blog whilst having a baby, and THEN a toddler? It's midnight now, I decided maybe this would be a good time to type something. My daughter is everything, she's wonderful and frustrating and enchanting and my little belle. But she is nothing if not demanding. Welcome to children. Things are changing again! But I always embrace change. It's what makes the world turn.

I'm changing my blog again. I have to admit that I have fallen away from Yoga. I think Yoga is wonderful. It really was an eye opener. However, now that I'm back to work and have a gym at my disposal, I just haven't done Yoga. I did try it at work once. But I couldn't zone out and enjoy it. Really devour it. It wasn't the same experience. Yoga is an exquisite experience, and I do hope to get back to it! What I miss from Yoga is the peace of mind it brings. I do get wonderful peace of mind from my runs, but it's not the same kind of self-love and worldly-love that Yoga inspires.

While I still recommend Yoga to any and all, I have returned to weight lifting (and running also). It's where I find my release. My strength. My renewal. Yoga is also good for this. But I don't gravitate towards it at all any longer. I don't get much done for myself these days with a baby in tow! I can manage the gym a few days a week (thanks to it being at work) and a spring/run/stairs/swim 2-3 times a week. It helps also that my back has gotten almost back to normal. Makes all the stuff more do-able! But it's all excuses in the end, it really comes down to what you simply enjoy doing, and that is what you will be motivated to do.

My focus of my blog now is going to be discussion. I'd like to discuss all matters of things. I ponder many things, and I find the world confusing at the best of times. The world needs a lot more understanding and a lot less ignorance.

Peace, friends. ❤

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